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Add a reminder for re-submitted material


I love that you added an ungraded section! Is there anyway to be notified if something has been resubmitted. I often look at student work and have them fix problems and resubmit. I always have them send an email but it seems like it could be easier.


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    Mr. Camp

    Thanks Jon, looking forward to this feature!

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    Mr. Delgado

    I was so excited when I saw the resubmit button, my students thought I won the lottery. My only question is when I click on it and go back to the home page the notification disappears. Is there anyway to make it stay so that it will only go away when the grade is changed?

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    Mr. Ficklin

    The notifications are very nice, but once you get to the list of assignments, it doesn't do a great job of having the assignment jump out at you. It would also be very cool if the gradebook would look different for an assignment that had been resubmitted. This looks like a popular request, and it has been for a year or more. I would hope you would listen to your users and get working on this. Thanks!

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    Audrey Langley

    When using the Missing icon, teachers do not receive a notification when a student re-submits an assignment.  It is very time-consuming for teachers to locate re-submitted work.  Some teachers ask students to email them when the assignment has been re-submitted. As you can imagine, this is not efficient. 

    If notifications occur when a "0" is entered in the Gradebook, and the Missing icon is a "NULL" value, can the programming be edited to include notifications on Missing work? 

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