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Where do I find my parent codes?


I'm a teacher new to schoology.  I've successfully got my class enrolled, and now I want to provide their parents with an access code.  I've found the location where I can download the parent access codes, I just don't know where those codes go when they've been downloaded.  Can someone point me in the right direction?


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    Julie Yoon Comentario oficial

    Hi Murray,

    You can find Parent Access Codes in the Members area on the left menu of the course profile:

    When you download the file, your computer should prompt you to save the file to a certain location. For convenience, I recommend that you save the file to your Desktop or Documents folder, or anywhere you can easily find the file.

    If you've already downloaded the file, can you try searching your Downloads folder for the file in question?



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    António Almeida

    Hi Murray! I'm also new at this. Can you help me? Can you explain me where is the location to download the parent codes?
    Thank you!

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