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Ability to impersonate students


As one of the Schoology admins, we often find it necessary to be able to log into Schoology as a specific student when there are issues that arise - whether technical or otherwise.  It would be very helpful if the few in each district who are set as Schoology admins, to have the ability to 'impersonate' students.  While it is helpful that we DO have the ability to enroll ourselves in a teacher's course in order to help them with any problems or provide guidance, it would be easier to just have the option to 'impersonate' teachers as well, rather than having to enroll ourselves, sometimes add ourselves as an admin to their course, and then unenroll.


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    Bradley Fox

    I also want the ability to impersonate teachers.  We are SSO with ADFS and I have no ability to login as the teacher to accomplish specific tasks, like installing an LTI app for only that person without resetting their Active Directory password or remoting into their computer and doing it with them.  This is very frustrating.  I want the impersonation to work like in Clever.

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