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Submissions Page Blank for OneDrive Assignment Tab



Was wondering if anyone is having issues with OneDrive Assignments App not working for teachers in the 'Submission' space. Below is the screen some of teachers are getting.



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    Nina Lewis Comentario oficial

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  

    Have you attempted to perform a force logout by clicking in the upper right hand corner where it says " Can't see your document?  Click here.".

    If the issue continues to persist after doing so, please let me know.  I will be happy to take a closer look into this for you. 


    Nina Lewis 

    Community Communications Specialist 

    Schoology | A PowerSchool Unified Classroom Product




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    Lindsey Cadrette

    Luckily, I'm not getting that.  For the last week, I am getting random students in five or six different teacher's courses that can't open assignments/documents on Schoology (via OneDrive).  When they click on Can't see your document, click here, the pop up asks to reconnect with no results.  I've made sure their OneDrive is connected on their device, cleared the browser's cache and cookies, checked the cookies setting, disconnected OneDrive through resources on Schoology, tried a different browser with no luck whatsoever.

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