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Point value in student grades view


The student grades view only shows point values for items that have already been given a score.  If the item is missing, incomplete, or unsubmitted, there is no way for a student to know what it's worth without clicking into each item.  

Anecdote about this: a special ed teacher messaged me today, trying to help a student on her case load improve his grade before the end of the term, but she couldn't see where to focus their energy without knowing point values.  It was frustrating for her to have to either click through to each item and catalogue all the point values, or alternatively wait for me (the teacher) to respond to her request for this basic information.


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    Janine Mains

    Yes, please, this would be great to have next to due date information in a posted assignments in the student view.

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    Chris Filice

    Yes, please -- it would be super helpful for students who fall behind to know which assignments are worth the most points. 

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    Mrs. Myllenbeck

    I think this change is essential so that students, parents, and resource teachers can see the point value in the assignment from the time it is posted.

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    Alyson Noble

    This would be very helpful! When making up missing assignments, students would be able to focus their time on assignments that have higher point values. 

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