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Google Drive Assignments - Time Stamps


The feature request I wanted to make to Schoology was in regards to Google Drive assignments. When a student makes an assignment submission (such as submitting a google doc) Schoology will only tell me if the assignment was submitted "on time" or "late." With Google Drive assignments, there seems to be no time stamp as to exactly when the assignment was submitted. Was it submitted 2 minutes late? 2 hours? 2 days? 2 weeks? (You get my point). The only way to see this info is to go to analytics and find the individual student and search for the assignment to see when exactly it was submitted. Not a big deal if you are only looking for one student. But what if you have 10 students who submitted late? It becomes a little more annoying at that point. Anyway, I was hoping to suggest that this time stamp be added to each students' submission within the assignment in Schoology (rather than having to search for it in another way). If my memory serves correct, non-google drive submissions have a time stamp. 


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