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Math - Fill in the Blank MATH Assessment Option


My school has been using Google Forms for their assessments because the options for self-grading exist. I would love to embrace Schoology's assessment features, but Math is left out of the self-grading options. Why? When we spoke to a representative, he said it was because you could have multiple answers and therefore each response should be individually graded. While the multiple answers could be true, it is also true that the fill in the blank assessment item allows for alternate answers. I have used the fill in the blank option in the past, but it does not give the students the equation editor to type exponents, fractions, etc.

Please make this an option for Math! Math is your weak point when it comes to assessments - if you can give secondary math teachers more versatile tools, we would love Schoology.


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    I came to this site to make this same request.  It seems like it would be an easy change for them to make and I hope they just make it happen. 

    I would also like to add that students should be allowed to draw a line in the "Highlight Image" item.  I use the "Highlight Image" to have students graph a line.  They can draw a line freehand but it is not as straight since they are using a mouse.  It would be great if they could make a straight line.   

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    Jennifer Park

    I agree - there needs to be an option for interactive graphing.  Embedding Desmos would be AWESOME!!  Graphing linear equations is HUGE in 8th and 9th grade.  Math is very underserved in the assessment options.  I kind of feel that if they would focus on bringing math options up to par with other subject's testing options, Schoology would be better favored among teachers in general and specifically us secondary math teachers.  

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