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Grading Pen Color Default


Please enable a way to set the color and pt size of the grading pen that we use!  Default is black and thin which is very difficult for students to see.  If I change the color of the pen for one student, it doesn't stay so I have to click to change it EVERY time I score a new student's submittal!  Too many clicks!


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    Dr. SMITH

    It's worse than that.  If the student turns in their work as two files, changing from one file to the other 1) erases the pen selection and 2) erases any feedback comments waiting to be sent to the student.

    And what's with the crazy window compression?  I don't need to see that it was I that placed a note or when I did it.  Shrinking the work by 30 % is not helpful in any way.  My writing is illegible as it is, zooming out doesn't help.  How about, if I want to see the provenance of the various comments, I choose to press the history button.    Again, the history button should NOT toggle itself.  

    My work flow:

    1) open a file

    2) click on "pen"

    3) make a correction 

    4) wait wait wait

    5) click on the correction

    6) click on "style"

    7) click on red

    8) click on 3 points

    9) click to close the attribution pane to return to full size

    10) find my place

    11) make a correction (annotate the work and put feedback in the comments.)

    12) click to close the attribution pane

    cycle 10) - 12) until the file is complete.

    Any comments made while grading this page must be sent to the student now. 

    13) open a new file

    14) click on "pen"

    15) make a correction

    16) wait wait wait

    17) click on the correction

    18) click on "style"

    19) click on red

    20) click on 3 points

    21) click to close the attribution pane

    22) make a correction and comment

    23) close the attribution page

    cycle 20) & 21)until the file is complete.


    Did you have anyone grade 200 papers in your testing?  Were they smiling at the end?  No.  Didn't think so.


    I request that you make it look more like this:  (remembered pen selection, NO attribution pane, in-progress comments retained while loading additional files)

    1) I open the first file

    2) I make corrections using my favorite red-3 pen and place comments at the right.

    3)I open another file

    4) I make corrections using my favorite red-3 pen 

    5)When the grading is complete, I post the accumulated comments to the students discussing the work on all the pages to the student all in one message.  I don't have to remember from one page to another or worry about retracting comments that are unneeded after seeing later files.


    Moving to another student with unposted comments should generate a warning before they are lost.


    Also, If I'm in the "style" menu doing a pen-customization, It would be nice if I could control the curve smoothing.  I would like my corners more corner-like.


    If someone responsible for the grading page ever reads this, it would be great if you were to add an image rotation feature.  My neck would thank you if I could turn the images right-side-up. One button to rotate-90 degrees right would be enough.

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