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New assessment question type: Item Sort OR improve the grading of fill in the blank (multiple blanks) and label image questions


Currently many of us are trying to use label image, fill in the blank, and/or label image drag and drop to have students answer questions where the order of the responses in a given area is not important.  For example, students sorting a list of math expressions by the number of terms in the expression.  Currently the autograde features on this type of question are not helpful.  If I have a category with four equally correct answers and order does not matter, I have to do 24 alternate responses just for the possibilities in that category.  If I add another category with 3 correct answers, I need to create 144 alternate responses.  This is not practical!!! 

Please find a way to either allow us to denote order is not important for a group of responses, or create another assessment question type to use for this kind of question.

Thank you!


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