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Students need to see incorrect answers only


I am a math teacher, and I let my students have 3 attempts at their assessments (homework) to get the highest score possible. However, Schoology is not showing them which questions they get wrong unless I check and show correct answers. I do not want them to see the correct answer as they can then just copy this back in to get it correct. Please add a feature to let students see only the questions they get wrong! I've attached a video explaining this. 

Thank you! 


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    Mr. Lizardo

    Great idea. I 100% agree for science review as well. 

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    I also structure my assignments like this, and would greatly appreciate the addition of this feature to Assessment!

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    This has never been correct since they created the "Assessments." This is beyond frustrating. The choices to see answers are Yes, No, and No with correct answers. My students desperately need to be able to see their wrong answers so they are learning formatively. The NO option needs to show them what they got wrong!

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    Stephanie Reed

    I have no clue why this isn't a feature yet!!! 

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    David Dick

    I really like this idea.  I have had students tell me that they just copy their correct answers when they retake a quiz, so they just focus on the ones they missed.  I used to use the option to have their score based on the average of their attempts to encourage them to try harder the first time.  Then, even if they did copy answers, the new correct answers turned out to be worth less.  This was available in the older Test/Quiz assignment type, but it is not available in the Assessment assignment type, which I switched everything over a couple of years ago when it was hinted that the Test/Quiz was going away.  I would like to see "Average score" added back to the Assessment assignment type, too.  But, only showing them the questions they missed would also help.  

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    Stephanie Reed

    Here is what I was told from my rep:

    "I was waiting on a more concrete update, but last I was told that this is a heavy-lift and could not be fit into our current development cycle, but will be reviewed as we make decisions for our next development cycle."

    I'm not sure how this is considered 'heavy-lift' as their competitor does it with the same assessment creator!!!!  Why do features like these takes years for schoology to do when the other platform is already doing it????? So frustrating!!!

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    Rebecca Reyes

    Incorrect answers only... cheating is definitely happening when they have the option to open multiple tabs..

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    Terri Spartz

    I agree!  It makes for very frustrating situations for students when they don't know exactly which one they got wrong.

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    Mr. GARCIA

    This feature was requested years ago by a teacher on my campus. Here is the link below. Schoology marked the ticket as "Answered" and yet 3 years later we are still waiting for this? Schoology please fix this ASAP

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