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Highlight image question add a text feature


In the "add assessment" tool. I have recently discovered the question type "highlight image" This has become a great tool for my math assignments, especially when using graphing and geometry. It would be great if you could add a text box feature to the drawing "highlight" tool where they could type in coordinates or type in a formula for geometry, and be able to move that box around the picture to it's right place. My students have older Chromebooks that don't have a touch screen, so drawing out numbers and letters is somewhat difficult. Also if you could add the availability to have a rubric attached to this questions type. One other feature with this question type that would be great but not necessary, is if you could have a "compose question" box, like you have for the "short answer/essay question". This would allow the students to complete the work and to show their thinking with a picture.  


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