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When there are more than a handful of discussion posts, it can be time consuming to grade them given the current features. Especially if one needs to see all of a students posts before grading. The following two features would be a huge improvement: 

1. In the "highlight user" dropdown, include a symbol that indicates the person's posts have not been graded (like the orange dot that is currently next to each post). 
2. Once a student is selected from the "highlight user" dropdown, provide a "jump to post" button which when clicked would jump to that student's post, and when clicked again, would jump to that student's next post (if there are multiple posts). 

The inclusion of these two features would allow for efficient grading...probably cutting the amount of time needed by well over half. So much time is currently wasted scrolling back and forth looking for posts.


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    Philip Rosoff-Horne

    Hear Hear--


    And I would add also that if when it comes to grading the post we have a "slash point value" , for example "/10" for the given assignment.  I give posts of different point values and the only way to see what point value that particular post has is to open the edit post drop down and see how many points I gave that assignment.


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    Yes, grading inefficiencies would be much appreciated in Discussions. It would be great if when we clicked on a student's name in the Discussion or in the dropdown list, it would pull all of that student's posts for that discussion. Sometimes these conversations can get very large, and being able to isolate the students post and replies (in context) would be greatly appreciated. 

    It would also be nice if there were a notification on a student name if they met the threshold of posts/replies required for grading to be initiated.

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    Adding the features mentioned here would really improve the discussion feature. I think we all have better ways to spend our time than scrolling through dozens or hundreds of posts for every student. 

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    Any word Schoology on adding this much-requested feature to make grading discussions more efficient? 

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    Dr. Sullivan

    I want to be able to pull up all posts by a specific student as I grade certain elements of their posts, especially on an extensive discussion. I print out the whole discussion thread so I can go through and grade particular elements of their discussion. So difficult and time consuming. I want to search the discussion for all of one students posts - why is that so hard?? Or sort all the posts by students? These are all elements I see in my grading in other online discussions I teach in other programs. Lets actually make this more teacher friendly please???

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    Courtney Kopf

    I couldn't agree more.  I've used coursesites by blackboard in the past for this reason.  They allow you to click on a student, see all of their posts, and grade from that screen.


    Unfortunately, they updated their entire platform over the summer and there were 8 million errors with student logins.  Schoology was the next best option, but I'm very frustrated that grading will now take MUCH longer.  It's a simple feature that should be available. 

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    Joshua Hershey

    I agree with all of the above suggestions for improving grading efficiency in discussions, and I'd like to add two more:

    • Show the word count for each post and the total word count for each student.
    • Provide some indication of which posts were submitted after the due date. I allow partial credit for late posts, so I don't want to lock the discussion thread after the due date, but there's no easy way to find which posts were submitted late. Since late posts may appear anywhere in the conversation, I have to scroll through the entire conversation and check the timestamp for every single post. Alternatively, the ability to sort posts by timestamp would provide another solution to this problem. 


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    Andy Lee

    I'm coming over from Powerschool/Haiku LMS and Schoology's  method of grading students' discussion is beyond frustrating.  I tried to view a video on how to grade discussions but the video is not available (screenshot posted below).  I'm almost ready to give up using discussions because of the grading. 

    The easiest way to grade students would be by student.  Show the students' initial posts and their responses to other posts on one page.  

    Maybe I haven't figured it out, but right now for me to see how many times a student has posted, I can see how many times a student has posted on a discussion, but it doesn't delineate between initial posts and responses.  And I have to search through a thread of up to 40 students who I assign two comments?  That could be upwards of 120 posts on a thread.  

    That's just a terrible way to attempt to grade students' posts.  When Schoology was vetted, I'm surprised no one caught this inconvenience/weakeness in your LMS.

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    Yimei Shao

    Hi Andy, 

    Thank you for taking the time to give your feedback on this. 

    You are correct; currently, the Highlight User function does not differentiate between posts and comments. 

    The video you screenshot should be working, however. Please try using a different browser to view the video or contact your school's IT department if this problem persists. It may be due to firewall settings or browser settings. 

    Once a discussion is has grading enabled (which can be done from Edit Discussion), a grading icon will appear next to each post and each comment. If the item hasn't been graded yet, there will also be an orange dot. 

    You can set the grade from there or from Edit Grades from the upper right. 

    Please let us know if you have any further, specific questions about how to grade discussions. 


    Yimei Shao
    Knowledge Management Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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    Mr. Williams

    I would love an option that when I highlight a user it ONLY displays that user's posts/comments.  In a student discussion I don't always need to read the comment in context to see if it was contributing to the discussion.  Getting all of a student's post in a single display without any scrolling would speed the grading process massively.  

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    A. Muñoz

    Yes!  Please allow us to sort discussions by student.  It would make grading discussions so much easier and more efficient.

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