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Make Assessment images adjustable


In the screenshot below, see how an image I uploaded takes up way too much of the question.  As I try to build a Breakout activity around Assessments, I'm trying to upload images of locks.  When I add them to the new Assessment Questions, I quickly realized the images I'm using are too big after uploading.  We currently don't have a way to adjust their size in proportion to the question.  That editing would currently need to be done before uploading.  This is an extra step that would be difficult to do for teachers to beginner technology knowledge.  Would you please consider adding a tool to adjust uploaded image sizes in Assessments?  Thanks!


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    Charles Black Comentario oficial

    Mr. Babcock! Guess what???

    Yep, that's right! Images can now be adjusted in Assessments!

    For more info, visit: Assessment Question Authoring Enhancements: Image Upload.

    Thank you for sharing your ideas, keep them coming!

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    Adam Babcock

    Great!  Thanks so much!

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