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Standards grades don't calculate like you might think...


REQUEST - 2 parts:

1. Standards calculations - Include POINT value of assignments.

2. Standards calculations - Option to use all assignments or "x most recent" assignments to determine standard grade

How it currently works

3 assignments, student score, percentage, standard grade (we'll use A, B, C, D, F for standards grades in this example)

Assign X: 2 / 10 (20% - F)

Assign Y: 10 / 10 (100% - A)

Assign Z: 100 / 100 (100% - A)

Schoology COMPLETELY ignores the "size" of the assignments (point value) when calculating standards grades.  It simply averages the PERCENTAGES.  In this case, 20 + 100 + 100 = 220.  220 divided by possible 300 = 73.3% which is a C.

How it SHOULD work

Schoology should provide us with the option in settings to take point values into account when determining standards grades.  After all, COURSE grades do, why shouldn't standards grade calculations?

Points earned:  112

Points possible:  120

112 / 120 = 93.3% A

IN ADDITION - A setting should be given to users to decide if ALL assignments for the entire term are used to calculate the standard grade, or if "the last X" number of assignments should be used.  Some schools view standards as a "what have you done for me lately" type of thing, performances early in the term may not be relevant the later you get into the term.


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