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I want to preface my following complaints by saying, I really do like the assessment options.  

As a language teacher, I have really enjoyed the recording feature on quizzes/tests.  We will do listening portions of tests or even uses quizzes/tests as homework, but this allows students to listen to it multiple times without feeling bad for having to ask the teacher to repeat it again. 

Another feature that I miss on the new assessment is the ability to view the assessment by each question.  It is really nice to be able to look at how each student responded to a single question rather than having to scroll down on each student's test individually to find the answer to a particular question.  This is especially nice for short answer/essay questions.  

One last question I had was whether the quizzes/tests was going to disappear at any point in time?  We have put a lot of time into the quizzes/tests portion of Schoology, and I want to know if this is still going to be around or if the assessment tool is eventually going to replace it. 


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    Yimei Shao Comentario oficial

    Hi, all - 

    In the interest of streamlining the Community, this post will be moved to Completed Feature Ideas as Grade by Question is now available for Course Assessments and Managed Assessments (AMP). Instructors can view all student responses to a single question in one place and view the average score on each question across the course. You can find out more information here: Grade by Question.

    Thank you for your understanding and excitement while we worked to add this feature to Schoology!

    Additionally, the ability to add audio and video to Assessments is available through the Tools feature of the Rich Text Editor. 

    Schoology encourages instructors to utilize Assessments as we continuously add more features. While the long-term plan for Schoology is to enhance Course Assessments and phase out the Test/Quiz feature, we want to ensure a seamless transition for everyone using our original testing feature. For more information about what will happen to Test/Quiz now that Schoology has rolled out Assessment, please see this article: Assessments: What will happen to my Test/Quizzes? 

    If there are other features you would like to see implemented, please review these tips and guidelines for submitting new Feature Ideas. 

    For other updates to Assessments, you can follow our Product Roadmap. In order to follow the progress of items on our roadmap, click Follow on each section of the roadmap:


    Yimei Shao
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    They did a webinar about the new Assessment feature where they said that yes, eventually Test/Quiz would be replaced by Assessments.  But they also said that before they do that, they would work to either convert, or supply a way to convert, old Test/Quiz files into the new format.

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    Jerry Scoppa

    I too would like that I have become totally accustomed to scoring like that.

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    Angie Garber Zengel

    My teachers are still using the old test/quiz feature because the new assessment is missing this feature.  We love everything else about the new assessments except the ability to see the overall data as a class.

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    Charles Black

    Hi Prof Olson/Everyone!

    Dropping in to let you know that we've made a few key improvements to Assessments that we think you'll be happy with:

    • - We have added the ability to directly upload audio/video files to the stimulus and rich text responses of assessment questions in both course and managed assessments.
    • - The ability to upload images to question response options and set image dimensions using pixels.
    • - Embed new tools (such as a calculator, ruler, or protractor).

    But wait, there's more on the way! Be sure to follow our Product Roadmap for Assessment related - new release goodies!

    For full details, visit: 

    Knowledge Management & Community Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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    Bret Murray

    I made corrections to the answer key for the assessments, but it did not update the student grades. So, I have to go in and adjust everyone's scores because making a change to the answers did nothing to the scores of the students.... there goes my afternoon!

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    I'm having so many issues with Assessments that I'm sticking to Test/Quiz. My students are just as frustrated as I am.  No language keyboard, automatic one question per page, not updating scores correctly. Editing questions is problematic too. When you convert Tests to Assessments, you don't have the option to use a word bank and you can't change a fill in the blank to a drag and drop.

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    Daniela Muñoz

    Where's the comments feature in the Assessments? Am I missing something? How can I give feedaback to my students on their mistakes if I can't post a comment?

    I have language students, I need to comment on spelling, grammar, etc. PLEASE I AM DESPERATE!

    Thank you!

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