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Tab button between questions while scoring


So, I am LOVING Schoology for grading, but really want you guys to work on the code for us teachers so we can really speed things up. For instance, sometimes I grade Quiz/Tests by individual student, and sometimes by question. For either one, it would be nice if instead of * showing up for where their points would be, if there were little boxes, which would allow teachers to hit the tab button between questions.

Right now, I grade on a tablet/laptop, and I have to swipe down tap a score, then hit a number on my keyboard to award points. If I could hit tab, then type a number, then tab, then a number, etc., it would go MUCH faster. This may sound like a trivial thing, but this new generation of tech teachers wants to be able to use something that's faster than pen and paper. If I have 150 students and 5-10 short-answer questions on a test, that's a lot of swiping and tapping. 


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    Ms. Calderone

    Yes...why can't we hit TAB to enter a score for the next student when grading tests "by Question"? All these extra clicks....very obnoxious and time consuming...especially when you have 130 students and 5 short answer questions each to score. Schoology is very intuitive...except for this! Very frustrating!

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