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Track Views by Students for Videos and Files


Currently, when videos are uploaded as a file (using Add Materials>Add File/Link/External Tool), there is no tracking feature in Analytics because it is not an assignment, test, or link. It would be great if the videos especially but also other uploaded files could either have a general "number of views" feature or a separate section in Analytics to see what videos and files each student has opened.

I have uploaded supplementary videos I've created myself and files with additional information for students, and it would be nice to know for sure if anyone is utilizing this information.


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    Philip Pulley Ed.D.

    That would eliminate the need for an outside tool like Edpuzzle!

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    Robyn Howton

    This would help me know if resources are being utilized by students who are struggling. 

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    Brian Kimmerle

    I would love a feature like this.

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