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Re-scoring in New Assessment due to mistake in answer key set up


I inadvertently forgot to check the partial credit option for a matching question.  When I realized my mistake students had already completed the question and received a zero.  I went back to the answer key and changed this, however the new assessment tool did not re-score their question to reflect the change.  I really liked this aspect in the old test/quiz version. 

Also, is there a way to have the scoring ignore extra spaces?  I had students typing a correct sentence but because of an extra space it was marked wrong.


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    Evon's Personal Schoology Zundel

    This needs to be implemented before Assessments replaces Test/Quiz. 

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    Anthony Letourneau

    Can this please happen soon? As a human who makes errors, I would really appreciate this time-saving change!! Thank you! 

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    Kathleen Fleig-Clayback

    I did the same thing. Had no idea there was a partial credit option. First time user. Went back and changed set up but will not rescore-please add this feature!

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    I know rolling out new things always has bugs. But implementing the new assessment without the basic features of the quiz/test was a hard one to learn AFTER assigning it to all my class sections... 

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    Mrs. Smielewski

    Yes!  This is a feature loss when moving from Test/Quiz to Assessment!

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    The ability to correct test questions and/or modify (sometimes students bring to my attention that it needs rewording or that my answer was incorrect (hey, I'm human)), is critical. it takes me a LONG time to go back and find and change each student's score later...

    Plus, when they review their answers, I don't want them to see the incorrect one chosen, even if they DID get credit for it.




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    Ian Park

    Second this.  No have to hand grade.  Re-score and now statistics on items or questions?

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    Mr. A. Davis

    Adding a desire to have this addressed -- it's been 6 months since this was posted, so I'm hoping to get this bumped up in priorities.

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    Tyson Poppleton (T-Pop)

    Not having the ability to fix a faulty answer key and regrade the assessment is one of the last things that makes me hesitate to use the Assessment tool at all. I know that we can go back and manually over-ride the fault "by question" for each individual student but that is extra time I don't have and extra stress I just don't need!

    Please, Schoology techs, bump this feature to top priority in your Product Roadmap!

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