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Re-scoring in New Assessment due to mistake in answer key set up


I inadvertently forgot to check the partial credit option for a matching question.  When I realized my mistake students had already completed the question and received a zero.  I went back to the answer key and changed this, however the new assessment tool did not re-score their question to reflect the change.  I really liked this aspect in the old test/quiz version. 

Also, is there a way to have the scoring ignore extra spaces?  I had students typing a correct sentence but because of an extra space it was marked wrong.


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    Evon's Personal Schoology Zundel

    This needs to be implemented before Assessments replaces Test/Quiz. 

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    Anthony Letourneau

    Can this please happen soon? As a human who makes errors, I would really appreciate this time-saving change!! Thank you! 

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    Kathleen Fleig-Clayback

    I did the same thing. Had no idea there was a partial credit option. First time user. Went back and changed set up but will not rescore-please add this feature!

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    I know rolling out new things always has bugs. But implementing the new assessment without the basic features of the quiz/test was a hard one to learn AFTER assigning it to all my class sections... 

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    Jennifer Smielewski

    Yes!  This is a feature loss when moving from Test/Quiz to Assessment!

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    The ability to correct test questions and/or modify (sometimes students bring to my attention that it needs rewording or that my answer was incorrect (hey, I'm human)), is critical. it takes me a LONG time to go back and find and change each student's score later...

    Plus, when they review their answers, I don't want them to see the incorrect one chosen, even if they DID get credit for it.




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    Ian Park

    Second this.  No have to hand grade.  Re-score and now statistics on items or questions?

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    Mr. A. Davis

    Adding a desire to have this addressed -- it's been 6 months since this was posted, so I'm hoping to get this bumped up in priorities.

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    Tyson Poppleton (T-Pop)

    Not having the ability to fix a faulty answer key and regrade the assessment is one of the last things that makes me hesitate to use the Assessment tool at all. I know that we can go back and manually over-ride the fault "by question" for each individual student but that is extra time I don't have and extra stress I just don't need!

    Please, Schoology techs, bump this feature to top priority in your Product Roadmap!

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    Sra. Tangredi

    Hey, it's December and this still hasn't been fixed! I have 120 assessments that will have to be hand-graded if not... so fixing it would be great.

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    Hey Schoology, it is now April. All schools are remote learning and this is not fixed!!!! Please fix this so that we can use it effectively.  

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    Mrs. NEFF


    I am making up the tests for other teachers. I made a mistake. The other teachers can't just change it to the correct answer and have it rescore! They ALL have to grade each student MANUALLY!!!

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    Marisol Rodriguez (MRod)

    I ditto this. Please change it soon, especially during this time, when all teachers have to teach from home.  

    Also, as a language teacher it would be great if you can add the accent tool bar to all items where we have to type/post a message. This would be very useful for both a teacher and a student--right at your fingertips. Especially while working on the questions for the quiz. The accent tool bar shows-up for the answers on a quiz, but not for the questions.

    MRod :) 

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    Robert Blain

    I totally agree with this. A "rescore" option would have awesome. As has been said- we're human. Many of us are using Schoology for the first time and have hundreds of students. It's not the end of the world to have to update those students' scores, but it would be a LOT easier if we could just hit "Re-score" or some function like that as a button- especially since we're uploading quizzes for multiple classes.

    I understand it not automatically updating (that would require their system to potentially regrade every active assessment in their system), but an option to regrade 1 assessment for 1 course section isn't much.

    Eduphoria has that functionality where the assessment just has to be changed and every answer document tagged to that assessment is automatically re-scored. I hope Schoology doesn't want to be seen as inferior to Eduphoria! 

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