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I *really* need the ability to schedule the date and time an update posts.  My previous LMS, Edmodo, had this feature which was invaluable when planning and posting for multiple classes.  


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    Coach Sisco

    Yes, this is a much needed feature - please add it Schoology.

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    Gary Hamann

    I agree. I switched from Edmodo to Schoology 2 years ago, and this is one of the things that I miss from Edmodo the most. I would much prefer if my students couldn't see my updates until their class time actually begins, so I don't have to deal with students who come in saying "I already did that in study hall" and then don't have anything to do during my class time. (Yes, I realize that this is much better than students who simply don't complete work, but it can still interfere with class planning)

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    Kimberly Bailey-Thomas

    This is a need feature especially now during this virtually learning time of our lives.  

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    Michael Cameron

    Yes please. I am posting work for our entire school in chunks to different grades for the next weeks and it would be extremely useful to be able to do all the updates at once and have them post when I choose. I can't be too difficult to make this happen as you already manage it for assignments!

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    Admin Fred Jaravata



    Has there been any updates/implementation to this very needed feature?  Is there a way to do this?

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