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Answer Key attached to short answer/essay questions


I teach high school math and like to use short answer questions for my exams.  I create large question banks where the exams take random questions to create the test.  This discourages cheating.  Grading these exams is a nightmare.  I have to complete each problem as I grade because that is actually faster than trying to find that particular problem on a printed answer key.  

I would LOVE to have the ability to attach the answer to the problem as I create it in the question banks.  This way when I go to grade the question I can see their response and my correct answer right away.  

For example:  When testing on systems of equations, I don't want to use multiple choice because the students will substitute in the values to find the correct answer.  I want them to solve the system and type in their answer.  Currently, I have to solve each system when it's time to grade or look over my enormous answer key to try to find the problem that they were given.  If this feature were added, I would be able to see their problem, their work, and the answer all on the same screen. 


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    Michelle Greene

    I would love to have this ability also.  Grading short answer questions is a nightmare, because I have to go through every question on the test.  If I have to do this, why wouldn't I just have students do their problems on paper?

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    Stephanie Cole (Mrs Cole)

    would LOVE this ability also, if it would correct Math Short Answer the same way it auto-corrects fill in blanks.  This would make this feature AMAZINGLY, POWERFUL in the Math World  :)
    Adding the Math Keyboards to Fill in blank would be helpful too.  Standardized testing uses Math Keyboards online and we are trying to find ways to help our students use/learn these keyboards in a classroom setting, prior to Standard testing. 

    Would also like the Average of scores option in the Assessment tab when completing more than one attempt at assessment.

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