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See all documents at once--either thumbnails or adobe pdf



Scrolling through one assignment at a time takes a million years.

I do lots of short free-response quizzes; would like to be able to grade from one screen (thumbnails) or have it create a PDF of all the papers that I could open and roll through, then enter grades from it.


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    Mrs. Gastler

    Do you have it set up like as a quiz/test or assignment?  If you set it up as a quiz/test, when viewing the results, you can "View by Question" and then for the question you want to grade, go to view responses.  It will have all student answers on the same page and you can score each one and then save at the same time.  I have my students draw pictures for some questions and then they upload a picture of their drawing.  I view all the pictures at the same time to grade their answers.  

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