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Printing AMP Assessments


Do you know if there is a way to print AMP assessments?


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    Charles Black Comentario oficial

    Hello EVERYONE!

    VERY, VERY  happy to announce that Printing for Assessments & AMP is now available in Schoology!

    Learn More:

    Printing Assessments

    Thank you all for your patience and support for this awesome feature!

    😀 😁 😂 🤣 😃 😄 😅 😆 😉 😊 😋 😎

    Knowledge Management & Community Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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    Danielle Hecktor

    So how are teachers suppose to print assessments for IEP students.  This will force many of my teachers to not use this assessment piece at all.

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    Andrea Hunting


    This is exactly why we were needing the printing option. Since we know that the assessments currently meet all ADA requirements for accommodations we need a printed option for certain IEP students. 

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    Charles Black

    Hi again everyone!

    What could possibly be as exciting as the release of Printing Schoology Assessments? Well, Observational Grading for Assessments, of course!

    What is Observational Grading, you ask?

    Observational grading empowers classroom instructors to assess students where they are, without disrupting the learning process. It provides instructors with the ability to:

    • > Record student performance-based tasks without requiring students to log into Schoology and take an assessment themselves.
    • > Enter student results on a printed assessment back into Schoology.

    So, now that you can both print assessments, AND enter results from printed assessments back into Schoology...WIN-WIN!

    For more information about Observational Grading, please visit the Help Center article: Observational Grading for Assessments.

    Thanks again for your support and feedback!

    Knowledge Management & Community Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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