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Is there a way for teachers to track student behavior through a log? It is extremely helpful during conferences to be able to identify specific behaviors and which classes those behaviors occur in. In other words, I would like to click on a student and be able to see any and all behavior reports made by staff (positive and negative).

We currently use Jupiter Grades to track behavior and I love that students can monitor their behavior by viewing the log and setting goals for themselves. I also love that parents can see student behavior and patterns of behavior on a daily basis.

This is a very important feature.


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    I agree with Teresa: one of the features that makes Jupiter so much better than Schoology is it's behavior module.  From what I've seen so far, there isn't even a way to send text messages to a chosen set of parents about a particular type of behavior, such as "Your child earned an A today."  

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    Iagree, Jupiter was better is this regard to track individual student behavior; and to contact individual parents about their student...

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    The lack of a transparent behavior log is conspicuous. Has anyone heard back from Schoology on this? I thought for sure this thread would have been attended to by Schoology by now...

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    Charles Black

    Hello John,

    Thank you for upvoting and supporting this Feature Idea. Please take note of the guidelines for Feature Ideas:

    - Although we review all submissions, it’s not possible, due to the high volume of requests, to personally respond to every posted request.

    - Even seemingly simple product ideas may be more complex than you might expect or may wait in line as part of a larger development schedule. We appreciate your patience.

    Thanks again!

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