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Search Capability of Posts and Messages


It would be helpful to be able to search postings.  Information is posted and later I may need to reference it and I spend much time paging back to try to find the information in an old post.  The search feature would also be beneficial in the messaging function too.


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    Mrs. Matheny

    Being able to search the posts in a group like the Schoology Educators group would be awesome!  I feel that so many good ideas are lost.  Thanks!

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    Landon Finch

    Please give us this functionality!

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    Stephanie Ryon

    PLEASE! We need this feature! A keyword search for updates and group member posts (similar to a keyword search in google mail or google drive)

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    Todd Whitefleet

    I am the Schoology support person for my middle school, I get asked about this feature frequently! Please Add!

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    Erica Macintosh

    Please add sort and search to messages! This is greatly needed.

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    Erika Redler (76801014)

    Teachers and students alike are asking for a way to search or filter updates - a search tool would be amazing - a tagging feature would also work. Anyone who has materials in Google Drive is so used to searching for a document and having it come right to them. This functionality is absent from Schoology updates and means that if you have more than one update you want people to see they have to scroll through and find them. You can't filter by the person who posted. Staff voice the concern that updates has less functionality than email because you can't search for, organize, or save a post, which makes getting some folks into Schoology more of a struggle. 

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