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Timed assessments - differentation


Allow differentiation of timed assessments - special needs children sometimes get more time and being able to adjust that per student would be awesome. Otherwise, the timing feature cannot be used in all classes.


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    Charles Black Comentario oficial

    Hello Mrs. Smielewski,

    Differentiation and flexibility are very important to us at Schoology! Have you considered using the Individually Assign feature to assign quizzes to specific students? You can read more here:

    We understand that this might not fit with the workflow you have in mind and there is always room for improvement. Thanks for providing your idea here so that others can share and support this feature improvement.


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    Mrs. Smielewski

    While that is a workaround, it doesn't put all of the score data in one spot for analysis.  This is problematic when you are trying to demonstrate growth in pre- and post-assessments for the class as a whole.

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    Karen Olsen

    It is also problematic in that it exports into gradebooks (i.e. PowerSchool) as two different tests. This makes the gradebook (PowerSchool) incredibly cumbersome.

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