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It would be very helpful to be able to move the location of an attached offline file to somewhere on the page, assignment, etc. other than the bottom. These offline resources include things like Word documents and PDFs. 

It is easily missed if students as students need to scroll past any directions/ information, and rubrics only to find a tiny clickable title to download the resource. We should be able to drag and drop this assignment to other locations on a page or assignment so that the resources are available to students exactly where/when they need it rather than always referring to a resource located at the bottom of the page. 


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    Colin Bridgewater

    On other platforms, adding attachments is similar to adding a link. Could the "add a link" button be changed so that people could either "link" to a URL or "link" to a file that we could upload from our computers?

    For example, on one of my pages, I want to offer some resources for the video camera we use in class. The first two links are to external URLs. The next two (instruction manuals) are pdfs that I would like to have as clickable links. However, the only way to add those pdfs right now is to use the file attachment feature which puts the files at the bottom of the page, completely out of context compared to the rest of the page.

    Instruction Manuals:

    • The Camera's Quick Guide (I'd like the text to be a clickable link to download an attached pdf file)
    • Our Complete Instruction Guide (I'd like the text to be a clickable link to download an attached pdf file)
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