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Allow teachers to change name of section NOT course name


I would like Schoology to separate the permission for teachers to change the name of the SIS generated course and section into two options, or provide a third field for "preferred course name" that could be permitted while protecting the official course info.  We have a number of schools that set up a single course (i.e. 9th Grade English) and then assign the sections to different teachers.  If any one of those teachers renames the course, it changes for all.   We have had to turn off this permission for teachers, but as a result they cannot rename their sections. 


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    Mohamad Khalifa

    Our district would also greatly benefit from the ability to rename a section or configure a course section display name. Anyone teaching more than 3-4 classes struggles when distinguishing between sections. Reordering and customizing a thumbnail is insufficient.

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    Ms. McQuitty

    We are experiencing this same issue and it's driving our teachers nuts.  Is this problem going to be considered as something that needs to be fixed, if it's not fixed after 3 years?

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    Andrew Rutz

    Just to add, we just started using Schoology and my teachers are also asking about this re-naming.  Bummer to see its not an option.

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