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Google Doc integration does not work in the IOS APP for Schoology


Please fix the Google Doc integration for assignments in the IOS App for iPads.  The function is currently broken because it appears to be Flash based.  Why is Flash still being used by Schoology?  Even if the teacher sets up the Google Doc assignment on a desktop--students can't access and work on it using the app interface.   Frustrating because it prevents all iPad users from using this tool.  


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    Charles Black Comentario oficial

    Hello All!


    Google Assignments are now supported on our mobile apps!

    For more information, please review this Help Article:

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    Ms. Wallace

    This is integral to our use in a 1:1 iPad district. Flash is dead. HTML5 should be used moving forward to ensure widespread access to an important feature. As enterprise customers, we expect features like this to work on all platforms!

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