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Please change the privacy setting to allow public profiles to be separate for teachers and students.

I would like to use teacher profiles, blog posts, and portfolios as a replacement for teacher websites.  I would like the profiles to include teacher info & contact info, blog posts for classroom updates, and portfolios for parent resources (syllabus, help resources, etc.).  These resources would be useful for current parents, prospective parents, prospective staff members, and our community.  Because we would like them to reach beyond our school, we would like to open the profiles up to the public.  Currently, in Schoology, you can only make profiles public for all users in the entire school.  This means that student profiles would also be public.  By separating these permissions by role, we would be able to better utilize the teacher profiles & blogs, while maintaining student privacy.


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    Ron Velez

    I would also like to see the same feature set as stated above.

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