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Subsets of Mastery


For every standard, benchmark, learning target, objective, etc, there are multiple components involved. Mastery is great but it's limited in the ability to combine subsets in order to show mastery. It would be really helpful if there was an ability to select a subskill that an assessment is addressing and have it contribute to overall mastery of that standard. For example, if the students are working on phonemic awareness, they need to learn many different phonemes, or sounds, (e.g. /k/, /æ/, and /t/) in order correctly read a word (e.g. cat). There's a list of phonemes the students would need to learn, but they don't learn them all at once. If teachers had the ability to select a subskill, they could better identify what students' specific learning needs are. Then when a student has mastered each subskill to the level needed, the standard would show as mastered. Until then it would show as not mastered, but it would show the subskills that have been mastered.


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    Yes, yes and yes. 

    I teach 7th grade English and matering writing a narrative means students must also master a set of substandards including character development, sensory details and engaging leads. The ability to use substandards so students know exactly what they need to work on is absolutely key.



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