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iOS App Missing "My Children" in menu


After the last app update, in the menu section I do not have "My Children", therefore rendering the app useless.  If I delete the app & reinstall the app, it reappears, but once I go out of the app & go back into it, its missing again.  Please send splaying or fix. 


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    Charles Black Comentario oficial

    Hello All,

    Thanks you for your continued patience. We have released an update to the Schoology iOS app that should resolve this issue. Please update your device to Schoology app version 3.13.1. 

    Let us know if this update does not resolve the issues you are experiencing.

    Thank you!

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    Angela Austin

    I have this issue as well.  

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    Paul C.

    Fix this!

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    rebecca bick

    It is still not working. The "my children"is missing. I can't see any of my kids assignments or homework.

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