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Hotkey/Easy Toggle for Subscripts and Super Scripts


Schoology is very difficult to use in creating questions that involve subscripts or superscripts.  Goggle docs use Command +,  and Command +.  for these functions and it is quite easy to use.  Please find a way of including this function.  These are very important in Chemistry.  Also students cannot put answers in correctly.  The subscript/superscript toggle is not even available for answers. Please add those to student responses as well.


Tony Arango

Flagler Palm Coast High School


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    Yimei Shao Comentario oficial

    Hi all, 

    Thank you for your feedback. Although there is no "hotkey" at this time, I hope you'll find the following tools helpful: 

    For Assessments:

    You can enable students to use superscripts and subscripts by adding the function into Text formatting options for students in the Short Answer/Essay type question. Please see this article for instructions and more details. 

    You can also try using the Math Short Answer question type in Assessments. The Math Short Answer question type has options to enable additional keyboards and symbols for student use. Please see this article for instructions and more details.

    For Test/Quizzes: 

    You can simply check Allow rich-text answers for students from the Edit window for the question. This will enable students to use an equation editor in their responses. Please see this article for instructions and more details. 

    For all of the above options, you should be able to utilize the Rich-Text Editor from within the question to write super- and sub-scripts into your questions. 

    I'm also going to go ahead and add "Hotkey" to the title of this post, as to not confuse other users, since superscripts and subscripts are currently available. 


    Yimei Shao
    Knowledge Management Associate
    Schoology, Inc.

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    As a high school chemistry teacher, I agree -- subscripts are critical.

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    Dr. Heiny

    Yes, I spend countless hours formatting formulas in the test bank.

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    Douglas Jenkins

    I also teach chemistry and am having the same issue. A hotkey for superscripts and subscripts is essential for me to create tests. 

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    Oliver Miday

    I also teach chemistry and I am not able to use this product for homework or assessments due to the lack of subscripts when typing answers.

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    Kristine Whitacre

    I teach Chemistry and find it very impossible to use schoology for this course, as there is no ability to use subscripts/superscripts, which are a major part of any compound or reaction equation.  

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    Ryan Liscinski

    There is a feature in the new assessment builder. If you highlight the number you want to subscript or superscript, go to the tool bar, formatting styles. It currently reads normal, click the drop down menu and scroll to the bottom and select subscript or superscript. This took three biology teachers to figure it out, but eventually we found it. We do not know if there is a "hotkey" at this time. We hope this helps.

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    Jeannie Chu

    There is a format key for subscripting in the question but I have not found a way to use subscript in the answers.  This seems ridiculous that you can do it in the question but not the answers.  

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    Deborah LaZerte

    Yes, I agree with Jeannie Chu.  Why can't you add subscripts to multiple choice answers?

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