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I am an elementary principal for a K-5 Building of 900 students, and approx. 105 staff. I utilize Schoology as my ONLY means of communicating with my staff as a whole. I have inquired several times about a search feature. My staff is often complaining that it is too time consuming for them to find posts from days/weeks back. I would LOVE if there were a feature to search for a keyword, specific date, or specific person who posted. Could you possibly get back to me and let me know if there is a possibility to have this as a feature?


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    Mr. McMullin

    Seems like this request has been made several times over the response (I know because I was able to SEARCH the Help Center. I too am anxiously awaiting a search feature...too cumbersome to scroll and scroll.

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    Ms. McKay

    PLEASE add this feature.  It would greatly increase functionality.

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    Mr. Velazquez

    You could simply hit the "more" link at the bottom of the page a few times then use the browser search function CTRL+F then type in a key word or number and it'll jump to the occurrences of that text/number.

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