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Update the Android App!!!!


Android apps are now available on Chromebooks. School districts have been buying Chromebooks at rates much higher than iPads and Android phones as a whole have outnumber iPhones for years. Education has shifted toward Chromebooks/Android. Therefore, it only makes sense that the Schoology Android app have all the features of the iOS app. 


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    Robin Travenick

    This urgently needs to be done. My students can no longer upload photos using the Android App. This feature worked flawlessly a few months ago. 

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    Mariana Tarkowski

    I am browsing the posts to find a solution to that problem exacty... we can no longer post pictures from the Android app, you attach a picture to an update and when you post, it does not show up. It works ok from the iOS app, but we have mostly android devices at school.

    So, if that's the problem, please do update the Android App!!

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    Vania00 Romay

    I can't log in my cellphone because it has an old android version and you just support the 3 latest ones .... and I can't open your page in my cellphone either.... isn't it too much? aren't you tired with messages of people saying they can't log in your page?
    Don't you want to make work your page for all android versions? Maybe you should try to be more ecological because in this way you are just encouraging people to buy more phones... and just to see all your features... you should be more ecological

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