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Color code for resubmit/need grading return


Please bring back the light blue coloring of student's names when their assignment needs grading, especially when they resubmit and the new submission needs grading. Looking through emails and notifications, marking down names to go back into the assignment to grade is a waste of time. The previous color-coding was helpful. I don't know why it is gone.

For the iPad app for instructors.


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    Kelsi Horner

    Please please please add this to the web version as well.  Currently with the Google Assignment app, I can see that I have two assignments that were resubmitted....but it is a guessing game to figure out which two students resubmitted. Please make some sort of color coding or indicator (for example instead of saying "Late" say "Resubmitted") to let teachers know which assignment to go back in and grade. 

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    James Sansone

    The above comments are an important feature to add, and it would not be challenging to do. 

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    Kristen Benton

    I would love to see resubmitted in the drop-down filter options at the left of the google assignment app.

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    Dr. Meiners

    Having highlighted submissions used to be a part of the resubmitted files in the app, but about a year and a half ago, it went away.  With 140+ students submitting assignments, revisions, and resubmissions, the notifications just lump them together.  Even if it didn't, cycling through over one hundred notifications to see who turned in an assignment and then going back into submissions to find them is a time-consuming task.  When I go to look at submissions for a class, I don't know who has just submitted a revision because it looks no different from the other students who turned in more than one version before it was graded or already resubmitted.  Even if the resubmitted page in the app only showed the students with ungraded resubmissions and not every student in the class, that would be helpful.  The app used to have a way to differentiate resubmissions, now it doesn't.  PLEASE bring it back!

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    Michael Johnson

    The "Needs Grading" tab does not in the submissions page work once an assignment is coded "late" so when students turn in late work, we have no way of seeing it as "Needs Grading" in the submissions page.  Please fix this, this wastes way too much time.

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    Stephen Saddler

    The fact Schoology has not fixed this feature is ridiculous.  It is an easy fix in the coding of the app.  A work around that I find works it to create a forced copy for the students so it goes into their Google Drive.  Then, have students submit via a traditional submission, but they MUST USE Google Resources App and import file.  It uploads it like a .doc, .pptx, etc.  And you can add feedback directly by drawing, inserting a note, etc.  Its actually easier this way for feedback because you then don't have to insert comment, etc.  And the plus part is when they resubmit it, it comes up as a traditional assignment resubmission so you will know.

    But, students must have Google Resources app installed and use the Google Resources tab to insert the file from their Google Drive or you will have to open up a ton of links and it is too time consuming.

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