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Randomize Paged Question


We would love to be able to use both Randomize Order AND Paging in a test.

Currently when you set Randomize Order to Yes it says "Page breaks will be ignored when Randomize order is set to 'Yes'"

Imagine organizing your tests by similar learning objective or topic via page breaks (Paging) but being able to randomize the questions within the page to help prevent cheating (Randomize Order). 


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    Jennifer Barczyk

    I would love this feature!  Keep similar info chunked together, but they get the chunks in a different order.  Great idea!

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    Rod Kirby

    I just figure out a workaround for this: First save your test questions in a question bank - you'll need a different question bank for each section of your test. Then for the first page have the system randomly select questions from the first question bank. Next page, randomly select from the second question bank, etc. That keeps all questions in each section together, but randomized within the section.

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    Kirsten Rohla

    I would love this, too! I would consider Rod's work around for some material, but for my poetry test for example, I have question banks for different literary devices, such as alliteration, symbols, etc. I want the literary device section to be randomized, but then have that section pull only one device from each of the test banks. It should not be mixed up with my definitions section.

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