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Integration with Problem Generator by Wolfram Alpha



As we've gone through our implementation of our LMS, our math teachers have found it useful to bring in their own textbook test banks.  Your support has been great, but we are now shopping for textbooks that offer some sort of algorithm for generating unique practice problems in their online system.  These textbooks often aim to sit on their own as an LMS and push out Schoology in math classrooms.  What if you pushed back?  You have all of the technology to put in place a "generate a math practice assessment", except an algorithm.  May I suggest you approach Wolfram Alpha about bringing their algorithm in to help?  I'm an alumni of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where math and computing company Wolfram Alpha calls home.  They've always been a good education supporter, but they currently only use their Problem Generator to create printable worksheets.  What if you approached them about making an app that would generate sets of questions based on their algorithm at various levels?



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