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Option to Publish at a Later Date


Please create an option to publish assignments at a later time and date. This would help for many reasons, especially when having a substitute in class. 


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    Jillian Boots

    Agreed! I would like to know that things will be posted at particular times and not have to remind myself and forget. 

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    Peggy Marvin

    I would like to see this feature happen!  I have an assignment that occurs weekly.  I like to plan ahead and get it set up in Schoology, however, I don't want students to accidentally submit assignments to the wrong spot.  Being able to to have the publish on feature would help me hide those assignments until I am ready to have them submit.  This especially would help when I am out with a sub and unable to be near a computer and wifi to switch from unpublish to publish. 

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    Sarah Zurn

    This post is almost 1.5 years ago. Is anything being done in this area?

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    Sean Coster

    Being able to publish an individual document / link would be a fantastic function! A competitor to Schoology uses it - it is very user friendly and is hassle free - please get this function!!!

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    Claire Barker

    Instead of having this feature just for folders it would be great to be able to set the publish date for individual assignments.

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