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Leave a course without asking for permission


That is pretty much it, I just do not understand why is not possible to leave a course if you want it to and I believe that is a good feature that SCHOOLOGY should have.


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    Lori Jones


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    Miguel Riveros

    Please, we need this.

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    Mrs. Potts

    Please! I want to get rid of courses I no longer want to participate in

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    Matthew Nelson

    This should be a feature. Please implement this 😀

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    Leonel Sevillano

    Please..we need this feature so we can everything in order...specially the ones that have many course to administered. 

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    Staci Woodruff

    I am enrolled in a course

    The Process of Writing - A Three Tier Approach: Section 1 

    This course was created by Virtual Village Classroom

    Several members of the class have been trying to leave FOR YEARS. Yes, YEARS. The first one I saw was from a member on Wed Dec 21, 2016 at 6:47 pm "Can an admin please remove me from this course...Thanks"

    No response. He continued to ask in 2017, 2018 and again in 2019. No response. No response from anyone for 2.5 years.
    I have asked as well. Other members say they have asked with no response. I've used every Schoology communication method I can think of.  I have emailed the company and tried to call the numbers listed on the company website. I have used facebook messenger. No response. The phone numbers are not accepting calls. The Virtual Village Classroom's Facebook page has not been updated since November 2016.
    I finally found course updates with personal phone numbers. I called. No response. I texted. Only one person has ever replied to my requests. and she told me that she hasn't worked for the company for years and has no access to the account. She referred me to the company owner. It is his number on the website. When you call it says it isn't a working number. I am quite certain the company that created the course is out of business.
    At least one other student has tried to open a help ticket about this. He was told that only admins can remove a member of a class.
    I recently tried to open a help ticket and was told I can't because I am a Basic member and they no longer open help tickets for Basic members. I was directed to the new guidebook/support page which told me that only admins can remove a person from a class. 
    I have also been advised me to turn off notifications (as if too many notifications was the reason I want to leave the class). There are no course notifications because the company that created the course has gone out of business. Except for the notifications of the others trying to get out of the course. That is not the point.
    The class has an "Indefinite" grading period. It will NEVER expire, and I will literally NEVER be able to leave without this feature.
    If schools have big concerns about students leaving classes, make this a feature only for adult learners. But please, please, make this feature a real thing!!!


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    Jonathan Bowler

    Agreed with this. There are teachers that leave, or just forget to archive a course, so we have students with well over 30 courses they are "taking." This feature would be great, and allow the students to access their courses quickly.

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    Aaron Zech - Schoology Tech Support

    Yes please create a role permission to allow a user to leave a course. Teachers who create their own course and use perpetual grading periods don't clean up their rosters, and later on members of that course want to leave. 

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    E G

    It's been a year and still nothing. I'm trying to delete my account, but I can't even do that. This is getting annoying.

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