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To who ever is reading this post, I have a small issue regarding submission of my work. Yesterday, Monday 19/12/2016, I had a deadline and submitted my post as usual, but rather than popping a submission window it came up into a new page as seen below.

I have submitted my work and it stated that I had 1 item - On Time. 

I entered today (Tuesday 20/12/2016) to submit another deadline and I noticed that the submission of the assignment was still open and stated it was overdue. I panicked and re-submitted my work but this time the submission window popped up rather than the page as seen before.

What I would like to know if there have been any updates or changes in the last few days or in the way to submit the work? And could this update or change have affect the uploading of my work? Could their be a system where one can see what he uploaded, before and recently

This is not the first time it has happened to me on certain submissions, but I have always uploaded on time on every submission work


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    Hi Bernard,

    Very sorry to hear that you had some technical trouble with your assignment submission. Please always contact your Teacher/Instructor first, if you hare having trouble submitting an assignment. Your teacher can often times help out and may be able to offer alternative methods so that you don't miss your due date.

    Schoology's method for uploading submissions hasn't changed recently however, I noticed from your screenshots that your browser is set to not allow cookies. We recommend that you enable cookies when using Schoology. Please review our full System Requirements here:

    You can always check your assignment submissions by entering the assignment and clicking the submitted item below 'Submissions' on the right. You will see your submission in the doc viewer along with the date and time stamp for the submission. You can also work with your Teacher/Instructor to review the analytics within Schoology to help troubleshoot any issues with your assignment submissions within a course.

    Thanks for posting, Bernard. I hope this helps!



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