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The Missing flag is good, but if a student doesn't look at their grade report, they don't see it. Things that are Missing should go into the Overdue section of the course feed on the right hand side so that kids know they are Missing. Also, when kids turn in something that was Missing, it does not send notification to the teacher to grade it. Perhaps there could be some settings around the Missing flag that teachers could set to their preference, as some teachers may not issue the Missing flag unless students cannot submit the work late, while others may want to use the Missing flag as a notice to students that they should turn things in late.


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    Paul Schlangen

    This is a much-needed feature! Items marked as missing should also show up in the "Overdue" section. 

    For schools using the grade sync (we use Skyward), it's important to be able to mark assignments as missing and have them populate to Skyward because a list of all missing assignments can be generated there (see this feature request for adding that feature to Schoology). 

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    Philip Pulley Ed.D.

    This is also true for those of us whose SISs don't sync with Schoology. Our students don't look at the gradebook in Schoology, the go straight to Lumen.

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    Amanda Christiansen

    Yes! This is huge for our district. We use the Missing feature to basically alert the students that you have something that is missing and it will get a grade reduction so HURRY and get your work turned in. The extra feature needed for this to also show up under the overdue section and to send a notification to the teacher when a missing assignment is turned in is necessary. I don't have time to go through the grade book on Schoology to see if a student finally turned in their missing assignment amongst all the classes, students, and assignments I have. I have resorted to the students having to either send me a message on Schoology telling me what assignment they turned in that was missing and what class it is for or I have 1/3 sheet of orange paper that if they can't send me a message they have to fill out the sheet and give it to me so that I have a note of it because we all get busy and forget if a student tells us sometime during the class period or in the hallway that they turned in two of their 10 missing assignments. 

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    Susan Speirs

    Thank you for pointing this out! We are just starting to use Schoology in our District this year!

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    Kelita Gehres

    Yes, yes, yes! Our teachers tend to put the missing and 0s in PowerSchool instead of Schoology so they still get the notification when one of these assignments are submitted late. However, that causes all kinds of issues with syncing and it gives an inflated final grade in Schoology with the accurate grade being in PowerSchool.  Overall, a mess! Fixing this issue and having notifications show when assignments are submitted after using the Missing exemption AND leaving those assignments on the student's overdue list would be a tremendous help in resolving a number of issues!

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    Mr. Stanerson

    I would also like to suggest, as it was suggested earlier, that the missing work for students be collected and tallied for students.  Often, students focus on their missing work as a way to manage their workload.  Please consider adding a way for teachers and students to quickly see all their missing assignments.  Similar to the Reminders section on a teacher's course page.  Thanks!

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    Sean Frazier

    Hopefully, someone will see this an start working on it, since it has been an issue for 3 years!

    Also, some sort of notification the student has turned in the work would be nice, so that as a teacher it is easy to find and grade!

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    Paige Junge

    Either syncing assignment flags (as PowerSchool calls them) or somehow allowing us to override the Schoology data in Powerschool would be wonderful!

    I use 0 two different ways in my classes: 1) an assignment was completed but didn't receive any points; 2) an assignment is missing and is being recorded as no points. I use a lot of 1-point rubrics and criteria when grading formative assessments so receiving a 0/1 is not uncommon.
    That missing flag is CRUCIAL for students to be able to see the difference. 

    I understand that it may be an API issue and not really fixable, in which case, does anyone have a workaround?

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    Erika Redler

    This is a huge concern for us as well - students and parents both think that since they do not see an overdue notice (once the assignment has been give a zero or "missing" from the teacher) that all assignments must have been completed. It gives a false message to stakeholders. Having the notification not appear for teachers is also a hinderance to work flow. 

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    Genevieve Deits


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    Lauren Dolby

    It would also be great for the overdue assignments list to be visible on the app version of Schoology in addition to the web browser.

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    Ms. Hardy

    The app version of Schoology is really hard for students and frustrating for me. Students do not even have a way to search for assignments besides opening a million folders or scrolling through a long list of notifications. To find something that is missing is overwhelming on the app.

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    Stacie Perez

    Schoology is so very frustrating for students. It is very hard for students to navigate assignments and to know what they have completed and still need to complete.

    When a teachers marks an assignment missing there are 2 HUGE problems with this that needs fixed ASAP please.

    1) The students need to be notified and the best way to do that is to have a notification posted on the right side of the screen where they get notified of assignments that are due. They also need to get a message of some kind. MOST students are NOT clicking on "Grades" to check their grades. So, they need something on their main page to catch their eye that they have a missing assignment and need to get it done and turned in NOW!

    2) Once we mark the assignment missing we no longer get notifications if the assignment was turned in. PLEASE get that changed ASAP. Even if we flag something as MISSING we NEED to get notified that something was turned in.

    I have 179 students and having to send them individual private messages or calling home is taking me FOREVER and is A LOT more work than I should have to do.  PLEASE make it so they can see that they have a missing assignment(s) WITHOUT having to look at their grades.

    Thanks so much in advance

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    Alex Hilborn

    It is INSANE that this has not been fixed yet. The original post was made in 2016 and NOTHING has been done on this issue.

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