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Self Assessment Rubric for Students


The rubric feature in Schoology is excellent. However, grading utilizing the rubric is currently limited to the instructor. I would like the option to have students perform a self-assessment utilizing the same rubric.  Once the student scores himself/herself, the grade is entered in the grade-book. When the instructor clicks on the rubric, it would highlight with a specific color what the student graded himself/herself for each criteria.  Then, if the instructor believes the student should receive a 3 instead of a 4 for a specific criteria, the instructor can click on the 3 and it would highlight in a different color and the grade would be overridden and update to the new score. (originally posted by Tyson Larson in August 2016)


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    Dakota Breen

    I totally agree! I hope to see this feature soon!

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    Mrs. Wilkey

    That would be an amazing feature to add!

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    Audrey Langley

    This feature is desperately needed for our proficiency-based learning initiative. We would also use this feature with our teachers in our professional development courses and teacher evaluation courses. Thank you! 

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    Wayne Holden

    Yes, this would be an amazing option.  It would be so helpful with our staff while working on the proficiency based learning initiative   Thank you!

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    Barry Johnson

    This would require a feature that would allow the assessment to assign different scores for each option of each question.  This would be a great feature that would also allow students to receive partial credit.

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    Ms. White

    Please add this feature!

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    Diane Lytle

    I would also like the students to be able to evaluate each other.

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    This would be a great feature.  Not only self-assessment but peer grading using schoology rubrics that add up the score.

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