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Grading Late assignments separately from On-Time


I wish I could grade on-time assignments first, then late assignments separate.  Since the "late" shows up so small, and not near the grade I'm inputting, I often miss it.  I'd like to grade them separately because I take off points for being late.

I like that I can filter them like here, in this pic.  BUT I wish when I clicked on one of them to grade it and then want to move on to the next on-time assignment, it would just go to the next on-time student.  Instead, it goes to the next student whether it's on-time or late.  It's very annoying.....  


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    Ms. McKay

    I would also like the gradebook to indicate late assignments.

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    Ms. Dominguez

    Assignments submitted after the posted deadline should automatically be labeled as late everywhere a grade appears - in the gradebook, on the assignment, in the comments. This way it's easy for all to see what was late.

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