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Save Gradebook Settings - View Full Titles and Full Screen


Currently, when a teacher selects "Show Full Titles" in the Schoology gradebook, it does not save this setting. If a teacher leaves their gradebook they have to select this option again. 

I would like the gradebook view setting of "Show Full Titles" to save just like the "Show Grading Scale" setting is saved so it is the same each time I view the gradebook. 

It would also be good if the Full Screen option was remembered each time I viewed the gradebook. 


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    Andrew Gehrke

    In addition to remembering to show full titles, it would be nice if it remembered the cell highlight options.

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    Jeremiah Haynes

    This would be great, it is annoying to have to re-enable Show Full Titles every time I go to my gradebook and when I change periods.  

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    Jeremiah Haynes

    14 up votes, it seems like it's time to implement this.

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