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Add Repeat Days Option to Test Enabling


We would like to request to add the feature under "Enable From" on Tests/Quizzes to include an option for repeating the time available on multiple days.

For example, if I want a Test/Quiz to be open from 1:00-4:00 on a Monday, the first day we will take it, I would then like to have an option to repeat this open time on Wednesday and Friday as well, without having to go back and switch Enable to Disable each day.  This would be similar to calendar scheduling options available with cell phone calendars, etc.

The reason for this request is that some Test/Quizzes teachers want students to be able to complete on multiple days but only during school hours, not at home.


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    April Hunt

    I have discussed this with many colleagues and they all agree that this should be an option.  There are many instances in which teachers would like students to use class time only to complete an assignment.  

    Examples include:

    * open/closed book tests

    * open/closed note tests

    *  true reflection of student ability vs. ability of student with parent support

    There are also instances when teachers may want students to compete assignments outside of class time (example:  extra credit).  

    This would be a nice option for discussions as well.  

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