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Grade test results annonymously


Hi - I've checked around the help center and maybe I've missed it, but I would like to suggest an anonymous feature. I wish I could toggle so student responses could be randomized and made anonymous to me (I'm thinking short answer and essay specifically). Even though I stay vigilant about it with myself, it's more likely than not there is inherent bias when I grade. I don't see how it can be truly eliminated no matter how conscious a person claims to be. Studies have shown that most people have an inherent and subconscious bias toward race, and that's just one example.  I'm sure teachers have a subconscious bias toward behavior.  I'd like to be able to grade answers without knowing the name of the kid. At the end, I could see the kid's name and score, but I'd like the opportunity to turn names off temporarily while I grade.

Thank you!


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