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"Next question" button on "view by question"


When I click "view by question" so I can see the question stats, it would be nice if there were a button in the top right corner or something that said "next question" so I didn't have to go back to "view by question" and then "view responses" to see the next question. It sounds silly that it would be the difference between 2 clicks and 1 click, but every tiny bit helps with grading this stuff and adding a button seems like an easy fix.


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    Erik Cliff-RPS

    Absolutely. This is an obvious need!

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    Jason Diller

    This is a HUGE issue when grading.  Even a "Save and Next" button at the bottom and the top would be a drastic improvement when grading single questions.

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    Lori McKee

    Please this!! It makes me crazy if I'm grading a longer test and I have to exit out of "view by question", then scroll down to find the next question, then repeat. After 10+ times I'm starting to think a paper version would be easier.

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