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Student Activity Feed Improvements


I want the student activity feed to include similar information that the Parent view does. 

Parents can see recent grades received in the activity feed

We all know how important feedback is to student learning, so it should be front and center when they look at their activity feed instead of hidden in the "Radio Tower" notification. 

See this link for a screenshot: 

The screenshot shows what a parent sees. I want that same recent activity to show up for students.


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    Mr. ROGERS

    It would be a huge improvement for kids to get a newsfeed notification on work that has been graded, and in particular, on work that has gotten feedback from the teacher. I do hope this request can becomes a standard feature soon.

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    Kathy Blair

    This would be a great improvement!!

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    This would be a great feature for students!

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    Mr. Wright

    I am fairly new to Schoology, (have been using it since August of 2016), therefore I am more familiar with the teacher view than the student/parent views. I see from the above that parents are notified when a student gets a grade. Do the parents see when a student has missed an assignment? Or do they only see that they have a low grade for not turning it in?

    It would be nice if the parent could see the note/comment given to the student as well. For example: Susan recieved 1/10 for "Question Tags". Comment: "Not done" or Johnny recieved 10/10 for "Question Tags". Comment: "Great Job"

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