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Teacher notifications for missing work submitted




I would like notifications for missing work submitted.  


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    Mr. Ellis

    I don't notice when missing assignments are always submitted, having a notification would be very helpful.

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    Mrs. Pam Schroeder

    I agree. Teachers often complain that they miss a late submission or when a student re-submits an assignment. Something that would flag these submissions would be very helpful.

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    Audrey Langley

    Given the student/teacher ratio, a notification to the course admin when a student submits MISSING work should be a priority for Schoology engineering. 

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    Brook Sulloway

    We would also like the notification to appear in the teacher's "To Do" list once a student has submitted late work that has been marked with the "Missing" hexagon.

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    Grant Coble

    Also requesting that student submissions made to assignments marked with the "missing" exception be added to the "Reminders" of ungraded/re-submitted assignments on the Home/Recent Activity  pages.

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    Glen Irvin

    This is absolutely necessary! I don't want to look in the gradebook for missing assignments..I need to be notified that they were submitted.

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    Jess McGettrick

    I'd like the "missing" to automatically clear when a student makes a submission, and then notify the teacher.

    Schoology said this to me when I emailed support:

    Thank you for reaching Schoology Support. This is currently intentional behavior for the teacher to remove the missing exception and add a grade manually. I apologize for the inconvenience.

    From a Support perspective, we are unable to make any changes to the behavior of the missing exception area. Your request has been noted by our team but we have no immediate plans to change anything with exceptions.

    Very frustrating!

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    Mrs. Krull

    I have 468 students - to  AT LEAST get a notice of the late work would be AWESOME!!  I don't mind manually changing the missing icon. 

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    Paul Schlangen

    I agree with this feature idea. So much so that I also posted about it here:

    Great minds think alike!

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    Jenny Trumbly

    Definitely needs a late work notification. I used to use Google Classroom before our district adopted Schoology and it would email me every time someone turned in a late assignment so I would know to go grade it. I miss this feature this year! 

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