How Can I Add Midterms and Finals to my SIS Gradebook?

Instructors have the option to mark assignments, tests/quizzes, and graded discussions as Midterm/Finals in the Grading Options area of the Create form for these material types. 

Items set as midterm/final will appear under the Grading Periods area of Grade Setup, and can be weighted as such. These items are calculated as part of the student's overall grade, rather than part of a grading period grade, and you can view midterm/final graded items in the (Final Grades) drop-down option in Gradebook.

However, since marking an item as a midterm/final removes the ability to associate it with a grading category, there is not a way for the item to automatically sync with or pass back grades to an SIS gradebook.

This is because the grade passback capabilities offered by our integrated SIS apps use the grading categories to map and transfer grade data between the two systems. Since marking an item in Schoology as a Midterm/Final removes the ability to add it to a category and effectively files it as a new grading period that does not exist in your SIS, there is then no way for the item and its data to automatically sync to your SIS gradebook. 

Instead, we suggest the following options as workarounds. Choose your solution based on how you plan to calculate exam scores into the grading period and/or overall grades.

Do you want the midterm or final averaged into the grading period grade? 

The solutions below will work if the midterm/final counts toward the sub-period grade rather than as a percentage of the student's overall grade in the course OR if your course is associated with just one grading period that has no sub-periods.

You can increase the relative significance of a graded item by assigning it to a weighted category or by increasing the factor of that individual material. 

Grading Categories
Using a grading category as an alternative to the built-in Midterm/Final option on Schoology materials may be a suitable solution if you want the scores on these items to be averaged into the grading period score, and/or if your course is only affiliated with one grading period. Note that grading categories count toward all grading periods affiliated with a course.

To use a grading category, do not check the midterm/final option on your material, and instead create a new category in your Grade Setup screen. You may consider checking Weight Categories, as shown in the Categories area of Grade Setup below.

Enabling weighted categories will display a new Weight field next to each Category name. Enter proportional values into these fields to adjust the weight for each category.

Note: Weights are relative to each other. The actual percentage value of the Category can be seen next to the Weight field.

Then, associate the graded item you plan to use as the midterm or final and associate it with that category.

Important: To ensure that the item and its grade data now syncs back to your SIS gradebook, open your SIS gradebook app in your course and ensure that your newly created category is mapped to a category that exists in your SIS. If you would like the overall scores in Schoology to match the overall scores in your SIS gradebook, be sure to weight the categories in your SIS the same way they are weighted in your Schoology Grade Setup.  

Do not check the midterm/final option on your material, and instead increase the factor on the item while keeping it assigned to an existing grade category within your course. For example, if you typically assign regularly scheduled unit test/quizzes to a particular category with a factor of one, you may consider assigning the test/quiz you'll use as the midterm or final to that same category but giving it a larger factor value.
Click here to learn more about using factor. 

As long as the item is associated with a mapped grading category and grading period, you will see the item in the Sync screen of your SIS gradebook app and can sync the item and its grades over to your SIS gradebook. 

Do you want the midterm/final to only count toward the overall grade? 

Create a new Grading Periods

If the exam score is part of the sub-period grade, you can use a category or factor. However, if you need a sub-period grade without the exam factored in and instead calculate exams as a percentage of the overall grade, you can create a "dummy" grading period in which to house the midterm or final materials. 

If you have a district or school-wide policy for how exams are calculated into overall grades, you may consider creating this grading period at the system level in the Grade Settings area under System Settings in your System Admin account. 

System Level Grading Periods might look like the setup in the screenshot below, with each semester broken down into three sub-periods: two quarters and one "exam" grading period. Note that that the grading periods used to report exam scores have duration of only one day. 

Once this additional subperiod is created, you can associate the material(s) you plan to use as your midterm/final with the Exam grading period. This allows you to weight the Exam grading period against the quarter or semester grades. 

To weight your grading periods, click Gradebook on the left side of the course and then click Grade Setup

Under Grading Periods & Final Weights, click into the Weight column to customize the relative weight of each grading period.

Then, scroll down the bottom of Grade Setup and click Save Changes

Once you have configured your grade setup the way you wish, you can create your material and associate it with the Exam grading period. Once you've collected submissions and entered grades, you can sync the item over to your SIS gradebook as usual.

Manually Transfer Scores

It is possible to export scores for all graded items marked as Midterm/Final at the system level. This data will be exported as a .csv file, which can then be imported into your SIS or other reporting system.

To achieve this option, all Midterm/Final materials will need to be marked as such on the relevant materials in each course. To mark an item as midterm/final, click Grading Options on the edit or create screen for an Assignment, Discussion or Test/Quiz. Then, check the box that says Set as midterm/final and click Save.

 Manually create a new column and enter the scores for the item into your SIS gradebook.


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